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And sometimes, dear God, I have been very, very not.But doesn’t that mean you should just end it with him completely? In the corner, me in a red dress and green sparkly heels, him in a cashmere sweater with a tie -- he told me he was leaving with someone else. It was December in New York, just bone-chilling, and I didn't even feel it as I cried in a taxi, Taylor Swift style, all the way home.I was entering into dating by doing what was right for me. However, it was unfair for her to make the assumption all on her own.

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You know, I actually thought I knew how I felt on this subject -- unabashedly PRO, as it seems wise to spread out the inevitable pressure (has he texted? (As opposed to it being decided for me -- as in, decided against me. Casually dating multiple people is an excellent way to hedge your bets -– it broadens your dating portfolio. The relationship -- having never been made exclusive -- didn’t actually die right there, but its soul did.

Although maybe the real goal is being offered the opportunity to decide whether I would like to pursue a relationship. Or MAYBE I need to give him a chance to get to know me so he doesn’t blow that (harmless! Dating with an uppercase ‘D’); usually entails traditional type “dates” as well as non-exclusive status ...

I’m in my early twenties, done with college, finally in the real world, and am trying to see what is out there for dating.

With where I’m at, I’ve found it isn’t the easiest to meet new people without turning to on-line dating.

Before the vacation, I went out with another girl, and had a third girl ask me out although no definitive plans were made. It seemed fairly new in getting to know each other to declare that she was my girlfriend.

I tried to text the initial girl after there was a delayed response on my part (cell phone signal issues while on vacation). I am dating with the hopes of ending up in a relationship.

Especially when you are young, a big point of dating is trying to figure out what you are looking for in a significant other.

As long as you aren’t leaving a trail of destruction in your path, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Again, the commute isn’t great so it’s hard to see her frequently, although I did enjoy hanging out with her.

She told me on our second date that she is still a virgin which I’m fine with. I was trying to be very respectful of where she’s at in life. I told her honestly I wasn’t sure, but it was something we could sort out after I came back from a family vacation I was about to go on. She told me that she felt like I had made her a back-up option, and because of my small social circle it had gotten back to her that she was not the only person I was seeing.

But then you really should just give him time -- and you’re back where you started.) Basically, the 3-6 monthers drive you batshit crazy and then rip your heart out and none of your friends even sympathize when you grieve.“It was only 5 months,” they say. Dating multiple people didn't change this one wretched thing: the only person I really wanted to be dating was him.

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