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Carmichael is one of the most successful of the Tin Pan Alley songwriters of the 1930s, and is among the first singer-songwriters in the age of mass media to exploit new communication technologies, such as television and the use of electronic microphones and sound recordings.

Carmichael composed several hundred songs, including fifty that achieved hit record status.

Carmichael's mother taught him to sing and play the piano at an early age.

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Carmichael's "March of the Hoodlums" and Sheldon Brooks's "Walkin' the Dog" were produced from Carmichael's last recording session at the Gennett Records studio on May 2, 1928, with a band he had hand selected.

Despite his growing prominence, at this stage Carmichael was held back by his inability to sight-read and properly notate his musical compositions, although he was innovative for the time.

His parents named him after a circus troupe called the "Hoaglands" that had stayed at the Carmichael house during his mother's pregnancy.

Howard worked as a horse-drawn taxi driver and later as an electrician, while Lida, a versatile pianist, played accompaniment at movie theaters for silent movies and at private parties to earn extra income.

The piano was the focus of Carmichael's after-school life.

For inspiration he would listen to ragtime pianists Hank Wells and Hube Hanna.

Because Carmichael lacked the vocal strength to sing without amplification on stage, as well as the unusual tone of his voice, which he described as "flatsy through the nose, " he took advantage of new technologies, especially the electrical microphone, sound amplification, and advances in recording.

As a singer-pianist, Carmichael was adept at selling his songs to lyricists, music publishers, film producers, and promoting them to the public via microphones on stage and in mass media.

Carmichael also appeared as a character actor and musical performer in fourteen motion pictures, hosted three musical-variety radio programs, performed on television, and wrote two autobiographies.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, on November 22, 1899, Hoaglund Howard "Hoagie" Carmichael was the first child and only son of Howard Clyde and Lida Mary (Robison) Carmichael.

He is best known for composing the music for "Stardust", "Georgia on My Mind" (lyrics by Stuart Gorrell), "The Nearness of You", and "Heart and Soul" (in collaboration with lyricist Frank Loesser), four of the most-recorded American songs of all time.

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