Dating pathological liars and nlp

They’ll say things like “the doctor must have had an emergency.” What?

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A pathological liar is defined as someone who isn’t completely grounded in reality (

Others tell lies in order to cover up severe self-esteem issues.

Usually this habit was formed early on in life as a result of a dysfunctional home life.

Lying may have been a protection reflex against cruelty or punishment.

For every day of your doctors working life they basically relive the day before without learning a damn thing! Yes, you the patient will wait for an hour or more past your appointment time – Every time for the rest of your life!

From the first day of opening their medical practice to the last, when they go to that big waiting room in the sky.

Trust should not, and for most cannot, be built up with a pathological liar. Here are some ways to specifically tell if you are dating a pathological liar. Do they believe their lies even when confronted with the truth?

First, determine the frequency with which this person lies. Realize that some compassion is needed when dealing with a true pathological liar.

What’s up with doctors that are always 1 to 2 hours or more late for your, and everyone else’s, appointment?

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