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I think its a balance of the right time / right place, persistence, patience, and delicateness.

You dont want to overdo it and cross the line from being persistent to stalker as that will be an instant turn off.

The part patience plays is that it allows the time to really think about it and after a while you may discover this person really isnt for you.

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Men have to really be attracted their choice or else its really hard if not impossible to perform sexually.

Men in general, including myself, if not attracted to the woman, would really a woman not keep trying..

No reasonable person wants to be that creeper who came across as stalkerish, and no reasonable person wants to feel like they were strung along or played games with.

But what if you just said screw that; I really like them and I'm going for it?

I'm consistently guilty of giving up after putting in minimal effort of trying to woo a woman. (She hadn't been interested, because he's quite a bit older than her.) That's the only real-life example I know of where someone did that, and it worked. You have to be really super-smitten by someone to pursue to that extent. (Though I still think she might come around, when she's ready. I think these two things are what a lot of reasonable people worry about.

If there's even the slightest hint of disinterest from her, I throw in the towel immediately. In the examples you've posted here, there were good reasons for giving up. Stay in casual touch with her.) Also--keep looking. No reasonable person wants to be that creeper who came across as stalkerish, and no reasonable person wants to feel like they were strung along or played games with.Do you think this would work the majority of the time? A lot of times, they don't initially like one another, but then something happens where one party grows an attraction towards the other person, they woo them to the point where the other person almost seems annoyed, but then it somehow all works out where both parties fall in love in the end. Is this not an illustration of how art imitates life? They become convinced all they have to do is exist, and the perfect guy will appear. Maybe yesterday wasn't the day, but what if tomorrow is (figuratively speaking, of course)? And it doesn't work out for most women, if they go through life with that belief. I'm usually pretty quick to throw in the towel as I said before. After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Often times, I think people are quick to give up on a prospective mate.You don't want to spend years trying to figure out if she's "the one".


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