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The place was calm with 4 to 5 dining tables with lily’s and some exotic flowers along with candle lights and ceiling paper molded amber light.As we seated, Manager walked in to our table and started explaining about the concept of Grasshopper. Hence, prior reservation is mandate to dine at Grasshopper.Believe me, they serve delicious and exotic food which brings in million dollar smile. Being a Zomato user and strong follower, I wasn’t even known this decade old romantic restaurant until it was listed.

A year later they tossed their clothing label, Hidden Harmony.

Their minimal, timeless designs can be found at a few boutiques in India and the UK.

A month before, I happened to visit Grasshopper – A European restaurant through an invitation from a venture to experience the food and service offered by them.

The Grasshopper is located amidst a farm, off Bannerghatta Road.

Last month, I happened to visit here along with my friend for dinner on invite from the venture. Sonali called and took my preferences for the food preparation.

When we visited, the watchman directed us to park the vehicle and to the dining area.

It’s an apt place to propose a gal and celebrate a special occasion with loved ones. I would say, it does completely contradict statement.

A glass of lime juice arrived at our table as we relaxed, it was refreshing and much needed after a long journey to Grasshopper. The dishes over here are quite filling and difficult for a normal eater like me.

Also, they only cater to seven tables every day so a prior reservation is much recommended.

Secluded within the lush hotel gardens, Rim Naam is approached through a faux stone tunnel that opens out to reveal an al fresco wooden pavilion, sheltered by lofty bamboos, guarded by auspicious Singha lions and piped with soft, traditional music.

Below are the dishes I have had during my visit to Grasshopper These 3 desserts also made in house and the quality and taste are top notch, which cannot be compared with others. Since this place is to spend some valuable time along with the food. It will take minimum 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish this 7 Course Meal.


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