Dating romania for

Travelers tend to do well when it comes to getting dates in Romania.

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It’s not unheard of for women to dye their hair blonde just to fit in with this fashion.

If you’re a brunette, though, they’ll make an exception of you for being a foreigner.

You can still find good guys, but these are afraid to approach women genuinely and often girls are left out being approached by awfully boring, persistent types….because the boring, uninteresting ones are always persistent. As mentioned before, I don’t know much about the Romanian man profile lately, as I wasn’t hanging with Romanian men much, or at least I didn’t find yet a truly intriguing one.

I am also not into the ‘hunting foreigners’ typology, is just happened that I have been in love with a foreigner, and in the last few years I have travelled and met other people, so not much socializing with Romanian men in this context.

Romanian Girls Any foreigner that has visited Romania will tell you one thing: Romania has beautiful women.

Women in Romania are famous for being good looking, fashionable, smart and turn into good wives – that is, there’s a strong culture of women taking care of the house and children, cooking and washing smelly socks.

If you go out a second and third time, you can consider yourself together.

You’re likely to hook up with other Romanians under the influence of alcohol, be it at a bar or at someone’s house and then if you’re lucky you’ll get a phone number.

But still if a woman survives to the end of her 20’s without getting married, family, friends and neighbours will tend to start putting the pressure on and matching them up with potential husbands – a common cause of complain in modern Romanian girls.


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