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When the gods agree to Marduk's conditions he is selected as their champion against Tiamat, and becomes very powerful.Marduk challenges Tiamat to combat and destroys her.

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The gods who have pledged their allegiance to Tiamat are initially forced into labor in the service of the gods who sided with Marduk.

But they are freed from these labors when Marduk then destroys Tiamat's husband, Kingu, and uses his blood to create humankind to do the work for the gods.

Ea uses magic to put Apsû into a coma, then kills him, and shuts Mummu out.

Ea then becomes the chief god, marries Damkina, and has a son, Marduk, greater still than Ea himself.

The Enûma Eliš was recognized as being related to the Hebrew Genesis creation account from its first publication (Smith 1876).

In one interpretation, Genesis 1:1-3 can be taken as describing the state of chaos immediately before God's act of creation: "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The gods persuade Tiamat to take revenge for the death of her husband, Apsû. She creates 11 monsters (Bašmu, “Venomous Snake”; Ušumgallu, “Great Dragon”; Mušmaḫḫū, “Exalted Serpent”; Mušḫuššu, “Furious Snake”; Laḫmu, the “Hairy One”; Ugallu, the “Big Weather-Beast”; Uridimmu, “Mad Lion”; Girtablullû, “Scorpion-Man”; Umū dabrūtu, “Violent Storms”; Kulullû, “Fish-Man”; and Kusarikku, “Bull-Man”) to help her win the battle and elevates Kingu, her new husband, to "supreme dominion." A lengthy description of the other gods' inability to deal with the threat follows.

Marduk offers to save the gods if he is appointed as their leader and allowed to remain so even after the threat passes.

He then rips her corpse into two halves with which he fashions the earth and the skies.

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