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Mia Myria A shy, book worm loli with goofy glasses.

A special note should be made of the traps in the game.

While some are harmless, there are times when a trap can completely ruin your day.

You play as Koh, a boy living in Monsbaiya, who has slightly more noble desires - he simply wants to help is struggling family.

Most of the action takes place in the Monster Tower, but what sets Azure Dreams apart from the standard Mystery Dungeon-type gameplay are all of the things you can do in town, like build new houses or win over the numerous girls that live in town.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to humiliate him throughout the game.

In the Tower you can sometimes duel him, but nothing comes of it, win or lose.

That's how I ended up with my copy of Azure Dreams; my friend hates random dungeons.

But I've always been a fan of them because they often are a more complex game than what's on the surface.

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  3. Mereka menjadi seperti itu hanya sebagai jalan singkat yang juga kebetulan mendapat lingkungan dengan gaya hidup mewah. Kami juga mau kok hidup dalam keluarga, pergaulan dan lingkungan sehat, bermoral, baik dan taat agama seperti para pemegang kunci pintu surga tapi kami juga tidak tahu kenapa kehidupan kami begitu dekat dengan neraka dan kami tidak memilih ini. Kakak tahu kalian hanya bermain-main dan kadung tahu apa itu ‘berkeringat enak’, Kakak tahu kalian muak dengan kondisi hidup tapi nanti kalian pasti bisa lebih memaknai hidup ini.

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