Dating site in skymall magazine

But, as the plane doors close, you curse the FAA regulation that bans electronic devices from being used during takeoff and landing. This magazine is a catalogue filled with whimsical products that are available for sale.How do you entertain yourself for these interminable 30 minutes? None of these products are things you strictly “need”.When a purchase was made, it would have to be quickly transported to the gate.

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According to a survey commission by the company, over 70% of passengers read Sky Mall on every flight.

The company has negotiated deals with most major airlines in the United States to be their exclusive product catalogue partners. Most Sky Mall customers are exposed to the products via the in-flight magazine, but they can order the products using the catalogue or through the website, Sky

And then, on May 17, 2013, a curious event took place that wasn't reported anywhere in the press.

Sky Mall merged with a company called Xhibit Corp, an entity which looks to be more of a parody of a tech company than a real company at all.

Or, you can opt to pay a 5% transaction, a smaller advertising fee, and an additional profit share with Sky Mall.

Skymall sells space by the full page, half page or quarter page.

In interviews, company officials have stated that 60% of the company sales come through the website (the rest through the catalogue) so we can estimate that the company does about 0 million in revenue per year (website catalogue). Worsley’s original plan was that passengers could use the “Airphone” (a phone that used to be located on the back of most seats) to call Sky Mall and when they landed, their purchases would be ready for them to pick up.

Customers could buy name brand merchandise from retailers like Land’s End, as well as Sky Mall-branded products like luggage.

They wouldn’t carry any products, they’d just be a magazine where other companies could advertise.

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