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Yet no matter what the setting, you’re not going to get a date if you can’t talk to him or her.For the guys, a little observation goes a long way, says De Anna. You can drop hints and if a man is really interested he will take the hint.” And guys, be a man! “You don’t have to be the biggest alpha male or the most muscular guy but show some assertiveness.

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A lot of people say that they want one, but their actions speak otherwise,” says the ‘Good Morning America’ commentator.

“Try online dating; try looking in places that you would not normally think of…

In the UAE’s traditional Muslim landscape, parents are often involved in the dating process. It makes it more special, that the parents are getting involved and taking some time to grow a relationship,” says De Anna.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let them do all the work.

Let’s go get sushi.’ Be a man with a plan.” Acting and dressing conservatively, particularly in the UAE, can be all the more alluring, suggests De Anna.

“A man wants to see you as a woman that he wants to bring home to mum…

According to the Harvard economist Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City, this spending gap (urban residents shell out 25 per cent more relative to their incomes), is caused by a function of cities: as much as they are labour markets, they are also marriage markets.

So men and women invest in stilettos and brogues to up their chances of attracting potential partners.

Before tracking down ‘the one’, you need to do a bit of soul searching, says De Anna.

“You cannot attract a committed relationship if you yourself are not ready and willing to commit.

It means working at a relationship to maintain it for life…


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