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This self-expression and definition often leads to the formation of cliques in the school environment.Many students feel that they are judged according to what they wear by other students, as well as by teachers and administrators.

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Experts also believe that students who are forced to wear uniforms will only find other, less appropriate ways to express themselves, possibly through inappropriate use of makeup and jewelry.

Some experts believe that public education attempts to strip children of their individuality.

After the initial cost of buying uniforms, there is no need to spend as much money on clothing.

Commonly cited cons of school uniforms include a reduced amount of opportunities for self-expression, a reduced sense of individuality, possible increased costs in clothing and possible reduced comfort.

They believe that uniforms dictate a stricter atmosphere and that students who wear uniforms are more likely to follow school rules.

The US Department of Education maintains that the mandatory use of standardized dress reduces violence within the school.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of school uniforms.

The commonly cited advantages of uniforms are increased academic performance, reduced behavioral problems, increased social harmony, and reduced costs of clothing students.

Some experts believe that, more than in any other area, school uniforms improve the social outcomes in a school environment.

Clothing and fashion are often at the root of social conflict.

Children are often ridiculed by other children because of the way they dress.

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