Dating someone with bipoloar

They know how I act when I’m in a mixed state and what my voice sounds like when I’m depressed.

Make your partner aware that you are comfortable discussing her illness.

Be aware that because of the nature of bipolar disorder, there will be times when your partner will be ill and will be unable or unwilling to communicate.

Telling a depressed person they're not depressed, or that they have no right to be, is simply illogical and rude.

By far the kinder thing to do is to ask the depressed person, "Where does it hurt?

When dating someone with bipolar disorder, you probably won't need to discuss those issues unless you are living together and share finances, but you should take the time to discuss things like boundaries, space and communication.

If your partner experiences an episode during your time together, discuss beforehand how you will handle it.

While the symptoms of bipolar disorder are shared by all sufferers, people express those symptoms in ways that can sometimes differ.

Tell your partner that you want to learn more about his condition to improve your relationship, and that you also need to know how he experiences bipolar disorder.

If you need to contact a member of her family or a mental health provider, make sure you know that information beforehand.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when dating someone with bipolar disorder is that you both need to set up clear boundaries.

If you love someone with this illness, you are only a heartbeat away from sharing these treasures.

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