Dating the modern mid twenties black man

“The union of man and woman is like the mating of Heaven and Earth.

It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth last forever.

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Dating the modern mid twenties black man

Many avoid forming relationships because they are distracting. Most men are currently opting for the dream, it lasts longer and doesn't have it's period once a month.

The competition As men we idolize any other guy that sleeps with a lot of women.

We will forever compare new women to our first love and it just never truly compares to our first girl we truly loved.

This heartbreak coupled with extremely low self-esteem is a primary reason for misogyny.

Do you frequently guys struggle to restrain themselves from cheating?

Straying becomes a recurring theme in their minds shortly after the honeymoon stage.

Each passing girl evokes lewd fantasies in our minds.

Any time a girl passes by the savage thoughts of what we as alpha males can do to her are always consistent and eminent.

The result is a population of men in relationships formed out of pure spite or with the ambition to move on.


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