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After all, where else can you find out why Norman Mailer refused money to his father, or how Janis Joplin felt before breaking America? (Alfie Baldwin) to the early work of Jonathan Franzen. Reportedly semi-autobiographical, ATD is the tale of struggling writer Arturo Bandini in downtown Los Angeles during the Great Depression.

Whether Bandini is stealing milk at midnight or falling in love with the unstable Camilla, Fante's protagonist is hilarious and hopeful in equal measure - bouncing off the page like any perfectly drawn character should.

This collection from the godfather of New Journalism is a bedside table fixture, to be returned to again and again. Daniels’ The Correspondence, a brilliant collection of non-fiction “letters” written during dark nights of the soul: “It gives off the unmistakable crackle of an original writer who has found a new form.

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Through alternating chapters, we meet Werner, an 8-year old German orphan with a gift for engineering and Marie-Laure, a six-year-old blind French girl, who lives with her doting father.

Over 500 glorious pages, Doerr meticulously charts the course of their lives as their paths inevitably cross.

The depth of character Miller creates in just over 100 pages from what is, for the most part, people talking around the kitchen table is incredible.

Through clean lines and crisp exchanges Miller simply masters the art of written conversation.

While some have argued that the series is beginning to feel a little stretched but Cornwall’s attention to detail still keeps you glued to the end.

(Robert Johnston) The latest snapshot of the surreal Sunshine State underworld by ~ Florida’s greatest novelist – and one of the world’s funniest writers, Carl Hiaasen.

staff have put their heads together and come up with a definitive list of books no man (or woman) should be without.

From drunken poets to record-breaking boxers, from sci-fi pioneers to master stylists, these are the paperbacks you should have gathering dust on your bedside table.

It could be argued that his work is becoming a little formulaic with a set cast of characters – shyster lawyer, tick; crazed petty criminal, tick; pneumatic mobster’s moll, tick – but if ain’t bust, don’t fix it. No, but if you have never read his work before this is as good a place to start as any.


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