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, almost all of her awkward moments took place on Nickelodeon.

Including seeing Miranda fall into most — if not all — of her teenage relationships!

Drop a few hints: While we would all like to think that that special guy or gal can read our minds, it never works out that way.

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Miranda Cosgrove has a lot on her plate: Not only is she a celebrity ambassador for NFL Tweens/Junior apparel, but she's also juggling college, and of course, dating! "I was at USC recently and I [was] coming out of one of my classes with my friend – it was one of my friends who doesn't have a boyfriend – and we'd been complaining before...

of like memories and then [the relationship] ends and we're saying all this stuff," Miranda EXCLUSIVELY dishes to .

She has never judged with negative comments in her professional work , therefore, her net worth is increasing its level.

Miranda loves travelling a lot and she is passionate about fashion.

This is the question often asked by her close people.

From her previous love life with an actor James Maslow started from 2008 for 2 years of time she was highlighted among her fans with amazing pictures posted on her personal sites.

“I got my permit,” Cosgrove says,” but I’m still not officially driving and I don’t have a car.” If a car is all that it takes, perhaps 2012 will prove lucky for the starlet.

What are some ways to snag a kiss from someone you like?

She loves following new trend and collection available in the market because of this her wardrobe is full of latest designer dresses.

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