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Anxiety is closely related to fear, which is the response to a real or perceived immediate threat.

Fear and anxiety are normal evolved responses in both humans and animals, and physical responses are linked to the "fight-or-flight" system.

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Violence against women is now recognised to be a serious and widespread problem in Australia with enormous individual and community impacts and social costs1.

(2015) Violence against women: Additional analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Personal Safety Survey 2012, Horizons Research Report, Issue 1, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS), Sydney; and Woodlock, D., Healey, L., Howe, K., Mc Guire, M., Geddes, V. (2014) Voices against violence paper one: Summary report and recommendations, Women with Disabilities Victoria, Office of the Public Advocate and Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria. 1-6; Statistics Canada (2003) Family violence in Canada: A statistical profile 2003, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Ministry of Justice, Canada. National Crime Prevention (2001) Young people and domestic violence: National research on young people’s attitudes and experiences of domestic violence, Crime Prevention Branch, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra; and Cox (2015), see note 2.

Canada must probe cases of slain, missing aboriginal women: UN, The Canadian Press, CBC News, November 24, 2008.

Canada: Missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls: Families deserve answers – and justice.

Women and girls are victimized in our society in ways that threaten their physical, emotional, psychological and sexual well-being.

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(2015) Everyday sexism: Australian women’s experiences of street harassment, The Australia Institute, Canberra.

In the 2012 Personal Safety Survey, 13% of women in this age group reported having experienced violence by a man in the last 12 months.

(2015), see note 2; and Woodlock, D., Healey, L., Howe, K., Mc Guire, M., Geddes, V.


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