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Someone you were hot and heavy with will suddenly disappear, as if wiped from this earth, only to reappear in the form of a typo-laden text message one night while you’re doing a face mask in your sweatpants.

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You might realize you have a lot in common and things might progress from there.

You might realize you have nothing in common but a mutual attraction. There are a lot of reasons a guy might not talk to you if he sees you in public. Evaluate the situation a little better before you jump to conclusions.

Maybe you were bummed about the way things ended, and you’re considering entertaining this missive.

Maybe you hate this person forever, but didn’t mind having sex with them and could be persuaded to do it again.

For example, if you’re sprawled out on the couch in lingerie when he shows up, he might get the impression that you’re only interested in sex.

If you don’t really talk all that often, give it a shot.You approach him to strike up a conversation but he doesn’t seem to be interested in talking. First, you need to consider how long you’ve been seeing each other.If you’ve been seeing each other on a regular basis for several months and you haven’t been introduced to his friends there could be two things at play here.He might not know what you want and may just not know how to ask.If you’re not sure, go the direct route and just start the conversation. Just ask what he’s looking for and decide whether or not you’re looking for the same thing.This one is low on the list because it’s a pretty complicated one.


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