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I have had a few relationships since my divorce, but the last relationship left me broken, and fearful of ever...

Read more Somewhere between deciding that I want to go out with someone and our first date, there is a question that I dread. ” Occasionally, I’ve gone out with guys who had it all planned, who invited me into a narrative they’d...

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I’m pretty sure it’s because my birthday is the next week, and I’ve never tried to reverse the childhood idea that all of the flowers, balloons,...

Ask Love Doctor provides relationship advice for singles.

Financial withholding is on the same plane as emotional withholding.

I would imagine that even further back than your ex, you experienced emotional withholding from a parent, which made this dynamic with two consecutive financially withholding men seem familiar on a deep level.

We know that we can be awfully hard on everybody, but we're even harder on ourselves.

This may be difficult to see because no one else is privy to the perfectionist that's goading or berating our every move inside our heads.

It is unhealthy for the dating game to get too serious way too fast and if you find yourself in such a relationship, you might start looking for ways to step on the brakes.

The danger here is that your partner might think you might be losing interest in him/her so you have to be smart about it.

Though you can’t control anyone else’s behavior, you can control your own. Read more My single friends and I often joke about the advice we’re constantly given by our parents, our coupled-up friends and basically, anyone who hears yes, we’re ‘still single’ and yes, ‘still looking.’ The words of wisdom are never delivered with...


  1. If you want to attract a quality partner, you need to show why others should choose what you are offering over everybody else.

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  6. e Harmony is different than other online dating websites and services, and we believe our success speaks for itself.

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