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There are some seriously outdated misconceptions out there that give single moms a bad rap, like the belief that single mothers are just looking for a dad for the...

Matches That Matter, a social introduction service, is debuting its new service for San Francisco Bay Area singles.

The Matches That Matter process introduces time back into the modern dating equation, allowing single adults over 40 to meet each other and let the chemistry between them grow at a more natural pace.

“We see this as the dawn of a ‘slow dating’ movement,” says founder and CEO Odette Pollar.

And it is that emotional bond that becomes the glue in long-term love.

The second tenant of slow love is self awareness about one’s own relationship needs and boundaries.

Dating after meeting this way becomes easy, comfortable and natural.” For some, online dating is like a second job.

In a recent article in Smart Money, “The Truth Behind Those Web Dating Stats” (Smart Money, January 21, 2011), writer Anne Kadet notes, “A 2008 Duke-Harvard study revealed that participants spent, on average, 12 hours on profile searches and online messaging for every two hours of offline interaction.” In this day and age when “to-go” and “on-demand” are used for most everything, Matches That Matter members are embracing the slow dating concept.According to one member, “This is how matching should happen.By our third event, my group had become a team and it was easier to connect on a romantic level.” “When I think of slow dating, I think of the way people used to meet, which was in the context of community. We are recreating that natural and comfortable model at Matches That Matter,” Pollar explained.Match Flights have included winemaking, beach restoration, stage-set construction, art auctions, and various educational adventures.About Matches That Matter Headquartered in Oakland, CA, Matches That Matter is a high-touch introduction service that is an alternative for Bay Area singles over 40 to get acquainted with one another while serving the community.Couples who have sex within 30 days of meeting have nearly a 90 percent chance the relationship will be disposed of within one year.


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