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Maintaining a loving relationship is a major priority for many singles and couples.But why do some people have long-term intimate relationships that last for years, while others struggle with intimacy of any kind?

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Relationship advice about break-ups, making it through breaking up, how to mend a broken heart, rejection, what to do after a breakup, break-up warning signs, coping with infidelity, and getting back together after a breakup.

Reflection as to why you've broken up, including any patterns associated with your break-up, is an important step of moving on.

The magazine added that it was no coincidence Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were linked up.

“In fact, when Kourtney and Scott Disick split last year, Bieber was happy to be linked to Kourtney and Kris loved that he posted Instagram pictures about it to get everyone talking about their hook-ups.” And add to that the fact that there is no dearth of connections when it comes to the Kardashians.

"I figured maybe I could get the assistance from a professional, that could help out and would actually be a good investment in and of itself," Tom says.

When he put himself on the market, he played up his best qualities, but there was just one small problem.So how do you know if you're in love, or alternatively, how do you get there?These articles attempt guide you along that lovin' path and show you the way.So Tom called in a pro, author, coach and dating guru Evan Marc Katz, to help him with his online profile.While he can't make his clients taller, he can make them sound larger than life. You're on a Web site where people have hundreds and thousands of choices. And more importantly, it shows that he's confident," Evan says.Last year, more than 40 million Internet users searched for love online.


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