David henrie and selena gomez are they dating

Further it looks like Selena would like to find someone special for David instead of being that someone special, because the source noted that she is always looking for a potential David Henrie girlfriend that would suit him and be good for him and she must know what he likes, because they are so close as friends they must share their thoughts about people.

Further it looks that Lucy Hale was David Henrie girlfriend in the past and she is the star of television series Pretty Little Liars, but things did not work out for them and she is really similar to Selena Gomez when it comes to her looks so maybe they could get together one day but not in the near future as a source stated.

It looks like the co-stars of one movie David Henrie and Selena Gomez are connected with one another and this is normal, because they have played siblings in television show so they must be comfortable with each other.

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“okay justin’s got like 15 kids,” david says jokingly before coming over to stand beside her to talk better into the camera.

selena gomez was spotted out on a dinner date with her old ‘wizards of waverly place’ co-star in calabasas, calif.

honor of the five-year anniversary of the disney channel sitcom's 2012 series finale, the friends shared some hilarious anecdotes and mused about what their wizards characters, siblings alex and justin, would be doing today.

Former co-stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie were hanging out on Jan.

gomez & the weeknd can't stand being apart -- 'every day is torture'.

and, speaking of good luck charlie, bridgit dated her glc co-star, shane harper, for 4 years, until they called it quits in 2015.

justin’s married for sure,” david says, continuing to tease selena.

there's anyone who can take on the epic love song that is "beauty and the beast," it's ariana grande and john legend.

“alex is single,” he explains as the “hands to myself” singer starts to laugh."henrie also took to instagram on sunday, captioning a photo with gomez: "we had the best time last night.""but you have kids," the "hands to myself" singer interrupted.

do you think selena has moved on to david or are they just friends?

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