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The project is conceived around a generous piazza, or “social hub,” surrounded by six pavilions of varying sizes, says Renzo Piano.

Not really liking turnips all that much, but pleased to have an indigenous Vermont vegetable, I took it home.

After all, not many states can claim their own vegetable.

But what keeps this community rallying around a much-maligned and overlooked vegetable?

John Gilfeather (pictured) We dug up an article published by Horticulture Magazine in 1981 to shed some light on the story.

During the winter season it’ll get an ice skating rink.

Sunset’s Bishop Ranch roots go deep, dating back to 1978.

Above, Sunset COO Alexander Mehran Jr presents the most recent plans with RPBW’s Antonio Belvedere and City Center’s head of retail Jeff Dodd at a San Ramon City Council meeting last week.

Sunset Development Co, the developer, owner and manager of Bishop Ranch, locked down the architect to design the plaza district portion of the 26-acre City Center.

The following is an excerpt from an article by Gordon Hayward that helps give some insight as to why the Gilfeather is so special and why we might all want to give the turnip another try.

The turnip is generally regarded as a lowly vegetable.

A community and their turnip are out to prove that biodiversity and good taste go hand-in-hand.


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