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But people’s ability to do a job isn’t just down to their own skills and knowledge.

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This is usually because no-one gives them consistent feedback.

Again and again, I meet managers who don’t give feedback unless someone is not doing well.

In that case, it is particularly important that managers deal with the issues they can influence, such as giving positive feedback, supporting staff as much as possible, recognising good work, keeping up morale and spirits and being a role model for others.

Personal issues affecting motivation might be addressed through counselling, mentoring or coaching and the manager needs to develop an open and supportive relationship with staff to make sure this can happen.

In some organisations, people are hampered by lack of resources, poor systems, understaffing, unrealistic time constraints and other problems which cause them to struggle.

In that case, they may be doing the best job anyone could in the circumstances.A manager here would need to be clear about where the organisation itself was hampering performance and make some allowances when judging how well people were doing.Of course, I know that this often doesn’t happen and people continue to be expected to perform to the same level even when resources ( and staff ) are cut.It can arise from some of the other factors I’ve mentioned, e.g.lack of clarity, lack of development opportunities, no feedback, pressure to perform with limited resources and cuts in staffing. I mentioned above that managers may not have much say in how an organisation cuts resources or staffing.So they know what’s expected but they can’t deliver it.


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