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The album featured production by T-Bone Burnett and songwriting by Plant, Tom Waits, Sam Phillips, Townes Van Zandt and Gene Clark among others. 8, 2009, Raising Sand took Album of the Year honors at the Grammy awards. The filmography list includes the title, the title's year of release, and the character played by Robert Plant, where applicable.Throughout 2008, Plant and Krauss, along with Burnett, toured in support of the album. In addition, the song "Please Read the Letter" (a Plant/Page composition) won Record of the Year, and Krauss and Plant… Yes, it's possible to put this CD on as background music.

Not for the words --- the lyrics are more meaningful than the Zep hits, but they're not poems set to music.

Ever the candid individual and willing to say whatever is on his mind, Plant brought readers up to speed on his musical life.

Musician T Bone Burnett produced the eclectic Plant-Krauss LP , which was released to rave reviews in October 2007.

Praised for the raw, vibrant production as well as the seemingly oil-and-water blend of Krauss's delicate, angelic delivery and Plant's rough-hewn vocals, had already earned Grammy gold in 2008 with the chugging "Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)," which earned a Best Pop Vocal Collaboration with Vocals Grammy a full year ahead of the album's other honors.

And in this kind of music, the lyrics matter mostly to the copyright office -- from the audience's point-of-view, all that really matters is the sound. It had a drummer who pounded and a guitarist who killed. And, on the money charts, Plant comes in among the top twenty British rockers -- in 40 years, he's made an estimated $100 million.

As a performer and as a writer -- he wrote the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven," among other classics -- Plant's focus with Led Zeppelin was much more about sound than words. The first obligation of the singer was simply to be heard. The glories of Robert Plant are that he isn't sitting in a castle in Wales, curled around a bottle as night descends. To download from i Tunes, click here.] It started out with that ambition, but T-Bone Burnett (producer of "Raising Sand") and Krauss didn't quite satisfy Plant.

A bluegrass sweetheart who seemed to want to grow up to be Emmylou Harris discovering a wild side? (And the way has been eclectic -- Plant says he found "Can't Buy Me Love," an obscure 1963 Barbara Lynn soul song, on a bonus CD in the music issue of The Oxford American magazine.) These songs run the gamut, and that's the point; the CD is an exploration, a probe, a stretch.

The first song, "Angel Dance," is irresistible: The pounding drum gets you going, doesn't it?

Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove.

Oh, oh, child, way you shake that thing Gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting.

At 62, he looks like a man who's lived, and lived intensely, and hasn't given a thought about plastic surgery. As he told an interviewer: "I would never have known when Alison and I tried to keep going that it was too soon after 'Raising Sand.' It was too soon to go back to the same place, and Alison wanted to try something different and new.


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