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She was well aware of the fate of John Turner a decade before when he rushed into an election with only a slim initial lead in the polls.She took some very popular actions to start with, such as cutting the number of Cabinet Ministers from 35 to 23, attending the G7 summit in Tokyo and touring the country in July and August.

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“Since the operation I heard you’re breathing just for one” should have given it away; the fault is mine.

I live my entire life like that moment Homer realizes he’s been calling Mrs. I never know when anything is about abortion, so now I just generally assume most songs are unless told otherwise.

In 1993 as an election drew near, she was moved to the Department of Defense and had to deal with the controversial questions of buying new helicopters for the military.

She also had to deal with actions by Canadian Airborne units in Somalia which while on peacekeeping duties had tortured and killed some Somalis.

Campbell was viewed as a dynamic, charismatic leader who might recreate the momentum of Trudeaumania and capture the nations support as the first female Prime Minister.

She defeated Jean Charest, a long-time Conservative stalwart and highly respected member of the cabinet, in the leadership race and on June 25, 1993, she became Canada's first female Prime Minister.

I never know when someone’s on drugs or had plastic surgery, or when a poem is supposed to “really” be about sex even though it’s clearly about plants. Everything always has to be explained to me, like Ax in the I can be counted on not to understand what a song is “really” about unless that meaning is spelled out explicitly; if a song does not contain the word “abortion” in it, I can generally be counted on to never realize it’s about abortion at all. Song: “Brick,” Ben Folds What it’s about: Abortion What I thought it was about: I have no idea.

Conversely, you could tell me that almost any song with slightly opaque lyrics is about an abortion, and I would believe you with a perfect and a childlike faith, because I no longer trust my own judgment. I never try to guess what Bright Eyes songs are about, but this one is entirely on me.

Campbell was born Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell on March 10th, 1947 in Port Alberni, British Columbia.


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