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I do not know what has happened these past years but I am angry and hurt that someone I care for would be treated so poorly and deported.

I am so sorry, I consider you as American and I am and would prefer to have you living here than many of the people who cal them selves Americans. Being held for 6 months must have been so difficult for you. Did they allow you to collect things from your home? Were you able to have time to contact the people who know and love you here?

She said you were really a "gentleman" and that you were Ok and were about to be deported and you were resigned to it and accepted it.

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I guess you must have left before my letters arrived.

I also spoke to Kimberly Schecter's office of the Federal Public Defender's Office who told me your case was resolved for time served.

The first person kat US yang aku contact, right lepas aku sampai Malaysia, of course was Mamat GQ/Car*er, my dear good friend, my former Boss.

Masa kat Detention Center aku tak contact dia pun pasal aku tak nak dia susah-susah pasal aku.

I thought about that movie we saw together "The Visitor" and felt awful.

I want you to know that I think of you every day and look at the photos from Chester's Christmas dinner and our party at the restaurant on Long Island.

Please be well, take good care of yourself and let me know if you need anything, that I can help you with.

We were heart-broken when we learned what had happened to you!

Again I thank you for your email and for letting know about all that has happened to you.


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