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Ultimately, every widow is different and the only person whose opinion matters is her own.

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum brother, Subhan Allah, that is an incredible story. To your knowledge, what is the meaning of: *"The law has made it halal?

You made a crucial first step in acknowledging the wrongs you have done, feeling the pains of regret and realizing that what transpired was not from the real you. * My life was stable, until the cursed day came when I decided to marry another woman. Because I was living in the fancy love, I said to myself, she will return after a period of time. I continued to live in the fancy love, until my first wife asked me for a divorce through one of her family members.

She used to reply: *"The law which made halal four wives for a man, has also made somethings halal for us women".* She always used to say: "If you marry someone else, it's impossible for me to complete my life with you".

We have four children and I was very happy with her. I was always telling her: *"The law has made it halal four"*.

But a shocking reply came back that *"the law has made it halal for her to do so".* After a short period she got married, n I was dying from depression and pain.

They traveled for their honeymoon to three European countries, n I was hearing the news n I was dying from pain.

She taught me the meaning of: *"The law has made it halal (permissible)".* I am 40 years old, and I was married to a beautiful well mannered woman who was also employed.

I sent one of her family members to convince her not to accept this proposal because I can't live without her.

It’s not a case that he got his jollies off, we ended and happy days, we both live our own future now.


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