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Japanese consumers generally don't care very much what goes on i...― If you look at the credits that have been released for the upcoming live-action version of Ghost in the Shell, Mamoru Oshii's name doesn't appear anywhere on it.

The clue only that this film is an adaptation ...― Have you ever wondered why more of those heroes and heroines summoned to other worlds don't put their knowledge of modern life to work?

Armed with more sophisticated means of probing these automatic associations marketing researchers today can plumb the depths of consumers' subconscious minds.

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We also examined personality differences between Mac users and PC owners. John's University in New York who had purchased either a PC (Thinkpad) or a Mac laptop computer upon arrival at the college, as a part of a laptop distribution program.

We tested implicit identification using the Implicit Association Test (IAT)—a widely-used measure of automatic associations.

A recent series of commercials for Samsung turned the tables on Apple by parodying the social phenomenon of waiting in line to buy the latest i Phone.

While a group of young people wait expectantly for the doors to open, a young man on the line is joined by his parents, thus casting Apple in the unfamiliar role of being out of step with a younger demographic.It measures differences in reaction times to particular stimuli (for example, reaction times to images of Macs and PCs) when these stimuli are paired with either positive or negative evaluative categories or self or other categories.We also tested differences between responses to Macs and PCs on the traits that comprise the Five Factor Model (FFM) of personality—extraversion, agreeableness (friendliness), neuroticism (emotional stability), openness to new experiences, and conscientiousness.Packard argued that many consumers are influenced and manipulated “far more than we realize” by persuaders seeking to exploit hidden motives and desires.He quoted early motivational researcher Ernst Dichter who famously remarked that marketers of women's shoes shouldn't focus on selling shoes, but rather, "lovely feet." Although some purchase decisions are guided by a clear-headed evaluation of product features and costs, others are influenced to varying degrees by subtle cues that appeal to the subconscious mind and trigger automatic associations we are only beginning to understand.The iconic series of television commercials pitting personifications of Macs and PCs against each other imprinted in the public mind the image of Apple as a company for young, cool, hipsters.


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