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Once it appears the father is letting himself be persuaded, she tells him the price (50,000 Yen).They have sex, the father ejaculates after a very short time and the disappointed daughter informs him it will be 100,000 Yen now, because of this.

The father announces that the man will be staying with the family for a while.

The son comes down while they are eating and starts beating the mother again.

"; the viewer then sees Miki Yamazaki, a young prostitute, trying to persuade her father, Kiyoshi, into having sex with her.

Her father is videotaping the scene for a documentary he is preparing on Japanese youths.

He then discovers that his penis is stuck inside the corpse due to Rigor mortis.

The mother comes out to help and rushes to the shop to buy lots of oils and vinegar.

Meanwhile, the mother and the visitor continue to eat peacefully. The father is taping his son from his car with the visitor and his female co-worker.

The co-worker gets fed up with the father and tries to leave.

It was filmed as the sixth and final part of the Love Cinema series consisting of six straight-to-video releases by independent filmmakers via a brief but exclusive run at the minuscule Shimokitazawa cinema in Tokyo.

The six films were conceived as low budget exercises to explore the benefits afforded by the low-cost Digital Video medium such as the increased mobility of film and the low-lighting conditions available to the filmmakers.

The father follows her on foot and sexually assaults her while the visitor, emotionally neutral, tapes the scene.


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