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It’s the most beautiful thing a person can be blessed to experience — and of course it’s terrifying and exhausting and it breaks your heart, but that’s what you sign up for.I am so fortunate that Lisa and I have been blessed with four kids — all very different from one another.Read more Can mindfulness and online dating coexist?

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Unlike most college-aged kiddos, my sights were never set on studying abroad.

I never dabbled with the idea of taking time off to backpack around Europe or do a gap year in Asia to find my zen.

You have to reach deep inside and decide you are worth it.

e H: Did becoming a father deepen your ability to love? Oz: There is nothing comparable to the attachment you feel to your children and then to watch them grow up and make their way in the world.

The thing about parenting — you realize it’s not about you any longer.

There is a selflessness that is kind of forced into the equation.

I love when people reveal personal or embarrassing things because they know it will help others. When you are a public figure you have the wonderful privilege of seeing the absolute best in people.

I think it’s shown me that people are generally good — much more than we realize. I have a new faith in the goodness of humanity, and I am better for it.

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