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Following chapters also describe different methods based respectively on the Legacy Code tool, the MATLAB function block, and the System Object block.

Advantages and disadvantages of each method are discussed in the guide.

I am interested in the System Object method since I will need to link several libraries.

@Mohamed: You can use a MATLAB function block to read temperature from a DS18B20. Note that it takes about 750ms for a single temperature conversion.

Reported by CANSetup: Incorrect number of outputs for the is Output Fixed Size method; 1 were requested, but the method returns 0, as specified by the get Num Outputs method. This will work as these parameters are read from the mask and passed down to the S-Function before each execution.

I don't understand, since I've put num = 0 for both get Num Outputs Impl and get Num Inputs Impl functions. However, I'm pretty sure that both the Sample Time and the initial conditions, which are defined in the initialization pane, are hardcoded in the executable (and the TLC file) every time you press the "Build" button in the S-Function builder.

Now, that being said, I haven't explicitly checked this in the last 2 or 3 years at least, so, just in case I'm wrong (which I don't think it's the case, but still), I invite you to try and double check for yourself, (and let me know).

Giampiero Wonderful package thank you it helped me a lot with my work.

This method also eliminates the need to right click the S-function in order to change the mask parameters.

I also tried using the method suggested earlier by Phil and Math Works Classroom Resources Team (referencing to page 20 of the Guide) - adding "extern "C"" and renaming the wrapper file to but then I get another problem.

function temperature = read DS18B20() %#codegen persistent sensor Path; if isempty(sensor Path) path = '/sys/bus/w1/devices/28-031561e430ff'; file Seperator = '/'; sensor Path = [path,file Seperator,'w1_slave']; end % Open file, read, and close it fid = fopen(sensor Path); w1_slave = fread(fid,1024); fclose(fid); % Convert to text w1_slave = char(w1_slave'); % Find raw temperature data in 1/1000th of a degree Celcius string To Find = 't='; string To Find Length = length(string To Find); temperature Indices = strfind(w1_slave,string To Find) string To Find Length; temperature Index Start = temperature Indices(end); temperature Index End = temperature Index Start 5; temperature String = char(w1_slave(temperature Index Start:temperature Index End)); % Convert to Celcius temperature = real(str2double(temperature String))/1000; I have a serious problem and I need help.

When I run the simulink file, I get the following message " Error in S-function 'encoder_slsp/Encoder': S-Function 'sfcn_encoder' does not exist". I've tried the samples on Uno with 2015a and it works perfectly.

Finally, note that for MATLAB 2013b you will need to apply a fix for the S-Function builder to develop blocks with no input.


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