directory dating site - Dreamweaver template not updating all pages

You do not have to worry about those two, but you need to pay attention to the user created editable regions.Templates come in many shapes and styles on the web.The answer came through experimentation with a two-step process in Dreamweaver.

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If you have ever updated an entire site with Dreamweaver’s feature to discover you have destroyed valid code in every document, a good back up is a helpful thing, so I recommend you do the same before attempting my solutions.

The first step in replacing an existing template is to make a copy of the outdated template and give it a new name. After you have created a new page design for the site’s new layout, save the new page as a template in Dreamweaver (choose, which will also exist on your new template by default.

As you create editable regions in your template, it works best to select a tag or other structural HTML tag (div tags work best) that surrounds all of the text, images, or other elements in the page that you will want to edit in the pages created from the template.

After you select an area of the page you want to make an editable region, such as a div tag, choose Insert Editable Region to add the necessary code in Dreamweaver.

The Templates folder is saved at the top level of your local site folder and if you move or rename this folder, you will break the links to the templates.

If you want to view your templates, choose Window .

How do you fix it without having to cut and paste the content from every existing page to a newly designed one?

In the early days of web page development, using tables for page layout was standard operating procedure. Reliable, hierarchical navigation menu systems did not exist, so it was easier for a developer to create multiple templates for various sections of a website with tables for links.

In this tutorial, you learn to design HTML templates, but you can save other kinds of templates in Dreamweaver, including templates with the PHP, JSP, or ASP. When you save a file as a template, it helps to give it a special name you can use to identify the template later.


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