Dreamweaver updating library items

Simply drag the library item to the new page, and Dreamweaver will place code there indicating that the code displayed is a library item.The true power in the library items is not in creating them, but in re-using them.You can use Adobe Dreamweaver to keep track of and preview assets stored in your site, such as images, movies, colors, scripts, and links.

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Dreamweaver also provides access to two special types of assets—libraries and templates.

Both are linked assets: when you edit a library item or template, Dreamweaver updates all documents that use those assets.

Instead, when you insert the library item into a document, Dreamweaver automatically inserts the appropriate Java Script functions into the If you hand-code Java Script (that is, if you create it without using Dreamweaver behaviors), you can make it part of a library item if you use the Call Java Script behavior to execute the code.

If you don’t use a Dreamweaver behavior to execute the code, the code isn’t retained as part of the library item.

That is, Dreamweaver inserts a copy of the HTML source code for that item into the document and adds an HTML comment containing a reference to the original, external item.

It is this external reference that makes automatic updating possible.

A library is a special Dreamweaver file containing a collection of individual assets or copies of assets that you can place in your web pages. Items that you can store in a library include images, tables, sounds, and files created with Adobe Flash.

You can automatically update all the pages that use a library item whenever you edit the item.

Develop your Dreamweaver MX power-user skills with professional tips and techniques including table coding, effective use of layers, Cascading Style Sheets and building DHTML menus.

You will also learn how to make your web production process more efficient by using Dreamweaver's Templates, Library Items and downloadable Extensions.

You can place your library items on any page in the Dreamweaver Web site it is defined in.

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