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While most of us wait a date or two before taking it all off, the potential partners on this show get it over with immediately -- and Amy thinks it's a pretty great way to start a relationship!

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She told HNGN that she always thought it would be fun to be a part of a dating show; she just never imagined a being part of one where contestants bare all - literally.

"Dating Naked" is the second iteration of a reality series that requires its cast members to be completely nude since the format was introduced in 2013 with Discovery channel's "Naked and Afraid." The Discovery show's contestants are faced with a survival challenge and left to fend for themselves in the wilderness with no clothes, food or water.

The Lighthearted Entertainment-produced reality dating show whisks away dating hopefuls to an exotic location every season and pairs them up with potential matches.

The couples share the cringe-worthy awkwardness that has become synonymous with first dates on camera - but they're completely naked the entire time.

Now that the series is in its second season, a newly revamped format is helping to bring vulnerability, honesty and confidence back to the forefront of the dating show genre, one blurred out private area at a time.

Growing up, Paffrath was a fan of the MTV dating show "Singled Out." She worked as a casting assistant on another MTV dating series, "Next," which was produced by Lighthearted Entertainment CEO Howard Schultz.

The story team informs her on how each relationship between the potential couples is progressing before she shoots her scenes.

The gig does come with a lot of downtime, Paffrath said, and she enjoys the work and play aspect of it.

So now, we have Chris and Kerri and they're staying with us through the full 10 episodes so you really get involved in their lives.

You really get to know who they are, we're really invested in finding them a soul mate." One particular storyline that fans were invested in this season was contestant Chris' relationship with Fallon, a deceitful girl who had him under her devious spell.

If they decide to send someone home, they will be set up with a new match.


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