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When she’s not out on the road performing as an aerialist with the likes of Madonna, Pink, Britney Spears and Cher, she’s busy playing gay on-screen in movies written and directed by her husband, Ned Farr — like 2006’s The Gymnast, which collected a slew of awards on the LGBT film festival circuit. After caught up with Weber to discuss the film — which is currently playing the LGBT festival circuit — and why she and Farr are dedicated to making films for the lesbian audience.Farr and Weber return this year with A Marine Story, a dramatic look at Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which bans gays from openly serving in the U. After Ellen.com: Is A Marine Story based on actual events?

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DW: I wanted to make something that was action-oriented with a character that could kick some ass after doing The Gymnast.

The character I played in The Gymnast was so passive and crushed.

I may have confessed to a little crush on her myself.

Many people have searched the Internet for more information about Shawna from the X2 Yoga workout in P90X2.

He feels really strongly that those two issues are connected. AE: A Servicemembers United study found that in 2008, 45% of soldiers discharged under DADT were minorities and 30% were women.

Why do you think minorities and women were so frequently discharged?

Check out the rest of my cast profiles for more information about your P90X2 favorites, as I add them to the blog.

Here’s an update from 2014: Tony and Shawna demonstrate couples yoga for Valentine’s Day!

She also has quite a fan base and following from her appearance in P90X work out videos.

I went to meet Dreya Weber before the showing of at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Dreya Weber: We took pieces of stories that had been volunteered to us by either former serving Marines or currently serving Marines, some of whom were not gay, mostly women and mostly closeted women currently serving in the military.


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