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Those wishing to destabilise Malaysia have deliberately combined the two and this has given rise to gross misrepresentation.But these were separate issues, and accounted separately to Bank Negara. As to the disputed funds originating from UAE, which the US wishes to seize: It is clear that the disputed funds relate to money flows OUTSIDE Malaysia, and OUTSIDE 1MDB’s businesses. The two priorities of this Government must be to ensure that Malaysia’s wealth is safe, and economy growing; and to ensure that all live in harmony and security.They borrowed further from Malaysia, in an Islamic financial bond, and discharged the debt in full. It is easy to confuse the investment relationship with Petro Saudi, then part-owned by a Saudi prince, with the extraordinary close relationship of the Prime Minister with the late King Abdullah.

Najib, for his part, continues to be coy about whether there might be an early election, saying this week during his trip to Germany that a decision on polls would not be based on any single factor.

As predictable and unsatisfactory as that response might be, it is worth keeping in mind that it also has the benefit of being true.

And if he does not see the opposition as being as much of a potential threat as some are making it out to be, then he may think that he can hold the election further out.

In making these decisions, Najib and his team will have to weigh the full set of perceived opportunities and threats.

Given these realities, some argue that the longer Najib waits to hold elections, the more he has to lose and a less his chances he will have of winning.

The stakes are arguably higher than they have ever been for both Najib as well as UMNO, given the fact that the ruling coalition has lost its much-prized two-thirds majority in the last two polls and even lost the popular vote to the opposition the last time around.

The US Government should remember that individuals and companies are innocent unless proven guilty. Malaysian foreign policy is driven by strong leadership, and by close relationships with countries that understand the extraordinary job that this Government has done for so long in managing racial and social cohesion and the economy. The US Attorney General’s speech echoed all the familiar attacks on Malaysia by our critics.

When the US Government gains access to the information that the Saudi and Malaysian authorities have had for some time, maybe they will realise the disinformation they’ve been fed by Tun Mahathir’s ANC members in Malaysia.‎ Conclusion - From a legal perspective, if the US had sufficient evidence 100% they would have filed criminal charges.

Indeed, for some, this is as good as it gets for Najib given what he has had to face.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s opposition remains divided and in disarray for now, with the splitting up of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and its former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim behind bars.

One should also emphasize that while observers do have enough grounds for informed speculation about the election date based on general factors, Najib and his team will naturally have a more granular understanding of some of the specifics, from forecasts about its electoral fortunes in various constituencies to the number of potential defections within UMNO.


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