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Asian Americans have been perceived, treated, and portrayed by many in US society as "perpetual" foreigners who are unable to be assimilated and inherently foreign regardless of citizenship or duration of residence in the United States.

A similar view has been advanced by Ling-chi Wang, professor emeritus of Asian American studies at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Stereotypes of East Asians, like other ethnic stereotypes, are often portrayed in the popular press, literature, film, and other creative expressions.

These stereotypes have been largely and collectively internalized by society and have mainly negative repercussions for Americans of East Asian descent and East Asian immigrants in daily interactions, current events, and governmental legislation.

Shows set in cities with large Asian populations, like New York and Los Angeles, had few Asian roles.

Asian Americans have also been stereotyped as a "model minority"; that is, traits perceived as positive are applied as a stereotype.

The effects of orientalism in Western cultures includes the "othering" of East Asians and East Asian Americans; their cultures and lifestyles perceived as "exotic", in stark contrast to "ordinary" Western customs.

East Asians have been portrayed as immature, childlike, and not to be taken seriously.

[laughs] The babies need to be cuter than white babies.

And it’s just a weird thing that I felt like said something about mainstream America's relationship to Asians in general." This infantilization results in Asians having less social autonomy.

" by other Americans, regardless of how long they or their ancestors have lived in United States and been a part of its society.

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