Engtx560 ti dcii top updating bios

Videocards - NVIDIA Ge Force Drivers Section In this section you can discuss everything Ge Force driver related.Ge Force Force Ware and Ge Force Exerience drivers are for NVIDIA Quadro and all Ge Force based videocards. "improves performance" lol i have a modded bios, so i dont see this being any better than what im currently using.So instead I went for this one: - ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII/2DI/1GD5 Ge Force GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Exactly the same cooler design, just slower clocks at 830mhz core vs 900mhz.

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It shows normally in Firefox, Chrome and other browsers. Will a BIOS upgrade be required Any help would be appreciated!

I posted the error I get whilst trying to install it.

Is there an issue with Nvidia or is there a different place to get drivers from.

lol unless they've just OCed the clocks and slapped on a Super Uber Overfast card... Super lame, I clearly have the 560ti and downloaded the right driver from their site! Super lame, I clearly have the 560ti and downloaded the right driver from their site! even though both cards are the same, the id is different. One bios(AS07) will give you clockspeeds of :850/1700/2100MHz, fan min 10% max 100% (version .00.01 date:05/19/11) Sub ID:83B4 Biod (AS06) clockspeeds of : 925/1850/2100 MHz, fan mi 10% max 100%. For some reason since I changed graphics cards, my eyes have really been hurting a lot lately.

lol Sorry to say this but I just update my bios to different ones and they are the same, although I just tried one recently, which was just an overclocked version and it was a bit faster, however a bios change I didn't really need, cos I've got afterburner Oh, and yeah you need to use nvflash in dos my friend... Firestorm, what voltages are you running to get your card's OC and what kind of temps? Firestorm, what voltages are you running to get your card's OC and what kind of temps? TBH I run my stock settings most of the time, most games are way over 60fps for me anyway. TBH I run my stock settings most of the time, most games are way over 60fps for me anyway. (version .00.01 date: 05/19/11) Sub ID:83AE So depending on what sub ID your card got the bios update package will flash the right one on your card if it matches , just like "Firestorm" posted above. It's like the screen is shimmering or shaking slightly. Can an underpowered PSU cause instability in the monitor, even though the monitor has its own PSU?

firestorm, i'm curious, what's your 2d stock volts? firestorm, i'm curious, what's your 2d stock volts? I cannot update my BIOS to, I have tried to download previous version of BIOS but I'm getting same message: "Your graphic card of current system don't match this VBIOS" Is there a way to make it work? So there is no need to punish your graphic card By the way,what is the main difference between ENGTX560 Ti DCII/2DI/1GD5 and ENGTX560 Ti DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5, is it only some special BIOS presets or some extra parts installed like extra capacitors, special coating, better thermal compound etc? Just bought a Asus GTX 560 TI top edition 900mhz to replace my GTX 260 which worked perfectly and the GTX 560 seems completely unstable. I definitely think it's the GTX 560, as I had no problems with this monitor when I was using my GTX 260. Has anyone else had the same problem with their GTX 560?

absolutely nothing, the regular card and the "TOP" card are one in the same. Keeps resetting under Windows 7 desktop after about 15 mins, straight away if I run a game. Temps are 35 idle 60 load Psu corsair 520w Yeah I was thinking that myself, but I've installed the latest 275.50 drivers and ran 3dmark 11 and so far so good, no more resets.

Thought at first it was dust, but after doing research saw that Asus had a BIOS update on their website.


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