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Blacks score 1/2-1 SD lower on IQ tests (even ‘culture neutral’ ones) than whites, have lower educational attainment, higher rates of poverty, higher rates of social dysfunction, etc.Blacks from wealthy families score as low on the SAT as poor whites. Blacks are over-represented in football and boxing, which can be violent, but blacks also excel at baseball, basketball, and track, which aren’t violent.Already strained public finances are going to get crushed. If Europe is to survive, its self-interested officials have to involve business leaders and private finance in making rapid policy changes.

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As some noted, although MMA and professional wresting are violent, the fans and participants aren’t predominately African American.

Gladwell, in his usual self, ignores the examples that refute his thesis and expects the readers and audience to nod along.

So, if your problem is that you’re facing a series of stereotypes about how you are intellectually inferior, how you have a broken culture, how you have . Then how does playing brutally violent sports help you?

I could go on and on and on with all of the stereotypes that exist.

Why would recruiters and coaches, who are looking for the best talent, as well as paying fans, who expect top ability from players, settle for second-rate athletes when blacks not only want to compete but are better.

Trying filling the NBA and NFL with only Hispanics, East Indians, and Chinese and see how far that goes. These stereotypes are reality, backed by decades of data.

How is an association, almost an overrepresentation in these various kinds of public entertainments advance your cause?

I’m for those things when they’re transitional, and I’m against them when they seem like dead ends.

Here is another example of Gladwell stupidity from the interview, in which he says that Harvard grads should not be able to disclose that they went to Harvard.

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