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Next PVR can also link directly to an XMLTV file on a web server.

epg not updating-2

Anyone run into the issue at all, whether a different brand VAST decoder or the same one?

Should I try a 'factory reset' if there is indeed this option? I noticed my EPG was not showing the information of the programs that were actually running.

From what I understand the reason why the EPG dose not auto loads the data has to do with the networks not willing to embed the data of all the networks into their broadcasts.

Even though the freeview ads will tell you otherwise. I just thought it was strange, that there are random program entries in the EPG, but certain slots need you to view the channel for the current program to load up.

I have a SATKING DVBS2 800CA I use for the VAST network. The EPG on it used to be ok, would update and show what shows are actually on and be correct.

However for the past month all the information in the EPG has been completely wrong for all the channels. I have tried re tuning it a few times but it makes no difference.

There are 2 parts to an XMLTV based EPG: Most users in North America use Schedules Direct for their television listings.

This is a commercial subscription service provided by

If I view the channel that has a blank entry next to it, the program information loads and will then be displayed in the guide.

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