Epolicy orchestrator global updating

Mc Afee – Total Network Security & Management Mc Afee® offers comprehensive anti-virus coverage as Total Virus Defense-protection at the desktop, Internet gateway, email server, and file server levels of the network-plus centralized policy management and reporting through Mc Afee e Policy Orchestrator®.

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Proactive anti-virus scanning and an automatic outbreak manager prevent malicious code from disrupting the system, while advanced content filtering allows administrators to set up rules for inappropriate content, sensitive information, and adding disclaimers to messages.

Mc Afee® Group Shield® for Lotus® Domino™ : provides comprehensive threat protection for the email and other content entering and leaving your Domino environment.

Web Shield SMTP is firewall-independent, easily plugs into virtually any existing network, and scans SMTP traffic without impacting other performance-critical systems such as firewalls or mail servers.

Mc Afee® Web Shield® for Solaris® : a software-based scanner providing award-winning anti-virus protection at the Internet gateway.

With unmatched scalability and reporting capabilities, e Policy Orchestrator is unequalled at managing anti-virus networks of all sizes.

Instant network-wide updates allow quick response if there is an outbreak.

Providing visibility into all network devices within a given IP range, Threat Scan identifies potential areas of weakness and vulnerability¿such as unprotected systems, open shares, and vulnerable applications¿allowing administrators to close security holes before malicious code finds them and compromises the system.

Enterprise updating Mc Afee e PO¿s powerful updating technology gives administrators the visibility and flexibility they need to maintain complex enterprise systems.

Products under the AVD Suite : Mc Afee® Virus Scan® Enterprise 7.1 : utilizes the award-winning Mc Afee scan engine to provide complete, proactive anti-virus protection for both desktops and file servers.

Powerful, scalable, and easy to manage, Virus Scan simplifies the deployment and ongoing administration of your enterprise system security.

Express Global Updating reaches never-before-seen speeds of up to 50,000 systems in less than an hour by utilising Super Agents to distribute the load of communication and updating out to the global network.


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