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From"US TV actor George Eads who was sacked by CBS for allegedly holding out for more pay, has said he missed filming on the show because he overslept."Really, R31? And this is the blind item that Billy Masters wrote in May 2005 about George Eads dumping Eric Szmanda from the house to avoid being fired from CSI:"Could it be that a certain television twosome is kaput?

I don't exactly watch CSI but isn't it one of the most watched shows on TV or something?

I know the cast isn't exactly A-list but isn't it kind of a big deal that actors on such a popular show are gay and not bearding (I'm talking about Jorja and Eric) but rather in actual same-sex relationships.

Then again of course rings can be worn just for significance/sentiment with no legal attachment. Regarding Billy Masters, I don't think that he is 'misinformed' or 'misleaded' as you and R29 would like to think. R29 is the SAME fangirl who posted on the George Eads thread claiming thay "she didn't have a dog in this hunt and that she once had met an old lesbian who confirmed her that 'George Eads has a girlfriend".....*ROLLS EYE*And now she's trying to turn Archie Kao gay.........(anything is better that your adored George Eads being gay, right?

He has written many blind items along the years about George AND Eric (Not Archie Kao) being gay and a couple. )@R29The blind iten posted at R6 about two CSI male co-stars making out at an Emmy post party is CLEARLY about Eric Szmanda AND George Eads (not Archie kao).

I'm sure they live their personal lives openly yet they aren't exactly "out" to the public, but I think it would be awesome if they would be.

I really hope it's not the George thing that's holding Eric back from coming out, although I guess in this pathetic world we live in coming out for him would be suicide if he wants to work post-CSI.

Oh, sure, at first they were just little social guy kisses but as the evening wore on (and the liquor continued to flow) you'd think it was a blue light special-no coupon required.

With the boys indulging in some tongue action, onlookers' tongues were wagging that the co-stars would soon be playing spin the bottle and buying a vowel.

Egads, I'd probably feel buried alive under all those hair care products.""Egads" "buried alive" (George Eads character was buried alive in "Grave Danger" think all those clues are about Archie kao???? It's the BI 35: R33Claim as you want but you already were exposed as a fangirl on the previous thread.


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