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Even if it's just matters of preference..still reduces the female pool by a lot for the man...since he doesn't care about the males, or know what the preferences of his objects of potential affection care about, he can't assume any of them are eliminated.And we aren't even considering internet use rates and who would be on a dating site yet.

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I was on AFF for 3 months, paid for a 3 month gold membership, and the only time I got laid is when I was out of town for work. I just had to let the women feel like they were in control.

At least the girl was hot.craigslist is actually the best place if you're seeking a hook-up. Do you think a girl would be embarrassed if she was caught on a sex site? Most conquests lived outside my town, but i did not mind travelling after work.

I"m also guessing that AFF and the other adult sites are much like POF or regular dating sites in that most of the attractive women(and even ones who aren't so beautiful)get tons of responses from men.

Ofcourse the women don't do much work on there because they don't need to(just like everywhere else-for the most part).

If you are an average looking guy you probably have a better chance on regular sites or even in public(even a bar) as long as you don't do what every other guy does(ie "hey babe can I buy you a drink?

").plentyoffish is actually a better site for trying to get laid than AFF. That's just a dating site, but women like sex also. However I often got a sense it was worth meeting & something would happen.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Pretty screwed when posts on this same topic from Funky Amy which have URLs to other sites "Singles For" which just points to friendfinder... Msg to admin, how about a "Report Abuse" link to report spam, fake accnts, joke accounts, etc? love it, but finding many of these other sites are creating fake accnts on here..My guess would be if you are man you would have success if you are either extremely muscular, extremely good looking or possibly extremely wealthy.If you are just an average guy like 98 percent of us then you probably won't have much(if any)luck on there.I've e-mailed over 600 women on there and got 3 responses all bot's posting links to websites where u pay to talk tothe lady you have selected!! Long story short, try putting up a profile saying you're a guy and see how many people contact you out of the clear blue... No mail to hot mail, but I get "contacts" in the mail box you have to pay for. I have no idea how I ended up at sexsearch(really, honestly) and ended up doing the free profile. I was on sexsearch, being I am an honest guy I didn't want to lead anyone on so I checked it out, but to be honest most of the profiles on there are B/S. Of course I got a few emails of men sending me pics of their lower head... Look on and u will see all likds of crap written by them.


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