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R33x_v20080205) "Core Resource Management" [Active] org.resources.compatibility (3.2.100.v20070502) "Core Resource Management Compatibility Fragment" [Resolved] org.resources.win32 (3.3.0.v20070226) "Core Resource Management Win32 Fragment" [Resolved] org.runtime (3.3.100.v20070530) "Core Runtime" [Active] org.runtime.compatibility (3.1.200.v20070502) "Core Runtime Plug-in Compatibility" [Active] org.runtime.(3.2.100.v20070502) "Authorization Compatibility Plug-in" [Active] org.runtime.compatibility.registry (3.2.100.v20070316) "Eclipse Registry Compatibility Fragment" [Resolved] org.variables (3.2.0.v20070426) "Core Variables" [Active] org.(1.0.2.r33x_r20080129) "Eclipse CVS Client" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity ( "Data Tools Platform Connectivity Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.derby ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Apache Derby Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.generic ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Generic DB Connectivity Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Generic DB UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.dbdefinition.derby ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Apache Derby Database Definition" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.dbdefinition.generic JDBC ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform DBDefinition Generic JDBC Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.derby ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Derby Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Apache Derby UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "DTP Open Data Access" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.consumer ( "DTP ODA Consumer Helper Component Plug-in" [Starting] ( "DTP ODA Design Session Model" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "DTP ODA Designer UI Framework Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.flatfile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Flat File ODA Runtime Driver" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Flat File ODA Designer" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.profile ( "DTP ODA Connection Profile Framework Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "DTP ODA New Plug-in Template Wizard" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.core ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQM Core Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQM UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform FE UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.actions ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform FE Ui Actions Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Server UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Data Tools Platform Connectivity UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.dse ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Data Source Explorer Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.user ( "Data Tools Platform User Guide" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.finfo ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Enablement" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.hsqldb ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Hypersonic DB Enablement Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.db2.iseries.dbdefinitio n ( "DB2 UDB i Series Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.db2.iseries.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform IBM DB2 UDB i Series Plug-in" [Resolved] org.eclipse.datatools.db2dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform DB2 UDB Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.db2profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform IBM DB2 UDB LUW Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.db2.zseries.dbdefinitio n ( "DB2 UDB Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.db2.zseries.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform IBM DB2 UDB z Series Plug-in" [Resolved] org.eclipse.datatools.informix.dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Informix Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.informix.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Informix Plug-in" [Resolved] org.eclipse.datatools.sqlserver.dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Server Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqlserver.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Microsoft SQL Server Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.mysql ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform My SQL enablement plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.mysql.dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform My SQL Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.mysql.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform My SQL Plug-in" [Starting] ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Web Services ODA Runtime Driver" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Web Services ODA Designer" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.xml ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform XML ODA Runtime Driver" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform XML ODA Designer" [Starting] ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Oracle Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Oracle Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.postgresql.dbdefinition ( "Postgre SQL DB Definition" [Resolved] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.postgresql.profile ( "Postgre SQL Connection Profile and Driver Template Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.sybase ( "High-level Sybase Enablement Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.( "Sybase ASA Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.models ( "Sybase ASA SQL Model" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Sybase Database Definition Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.profile ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Sybase ASE Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.( "Data Tools Platform Help Utilities" [Resolved] org.eclipse.datatools.modelbase.dbdefinition ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform DBDefinition Model" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.modelbase.derby ( "Derby Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQLModel Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.edit ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQLModel Edit Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.query ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Query Model Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.xml.query ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL XML Query Model Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.cshelp ( "DTP ODA Context-sensitive Help" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Tools Common UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.core ( "Data Core Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.ui ( "Data UI Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.derby ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Derby SQL Tools Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.generic ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Tools Generic Database Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Debugger Framework" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Editor Core Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Parser Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.lexer ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Lexer Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.query ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Query Parser Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.xml.query ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL XML Query Parser Plugin" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Execution Plan View Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.result ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Results View Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.routineeditor ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Tools Routine Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Core Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.sqleditor ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform SQL Editor" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.sqlscrapbook ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Sqlscrapbook Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.tabledataeditor ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Table Data Editor Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.tablewizard ( "Eclipse Data Tools Platform Database Table Creation Plug-in" [Starting] org.eclipse.(3.3.2.v20080117_r332) "Debug Core" [Active] org.eclipse.(3.3.2.v20080117_r332) "Debug UI" [Active] org.eclipse.draw2d (3.2.100.v20070529) "Graphical Editing Framework Draw2d" [Starting] org.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)" [Starting] org.ant (2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Ant Tasks" [Starting] org.codegen (2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Template Code Generator" [Starting] org.codegen.ecore (2.3.2.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Code Generation" [Starting] org.codegen.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Code Generation UI" [Starting] org.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Template Code Generator UI" [Starting] org.common (2.3.2.v200802051830) "EMF Common" [Active] org.(2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Common UI" [Active] org.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "Common J SDO" [Starting] org.converter (2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Model Convert Support" [Starting] org.ecore (2.3.2.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore" [Active] org.ecore.change (2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Change Model" [Starting] org.ecore.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Change Edit Support" [Starting] org.(2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Edit Support" [Starting] org.ecore.editor (2.3.1.v200802051830) "Sample Ecore Editor" [Starting] org.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Service Data Objects (SDO)" [Starting] org.(2.3.2.v200802051830) "EMF XMI" [Active] org.edit (2.3.2.v200802051830) "EMF Edit" [Active] org.(2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Edit UI" [Active] org.exporter (2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Model Export Support" [Starting] org.importer (2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Model Import Support" [Starting] org.importer.ecore (2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Ecore Importer" [Starting] org.(2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Annotated Java Importer" [Starting] org.(2.3.1.v200802051830) "EMF Rose Importer" [Starting] org.mapping (2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Mapping" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore (2.3.0.v200802051830) "Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) - org.mapping.ecore" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore.editor (2.3.0.v200802051830) "Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) - org.mapping.ecore.editor" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore2ecore (2.3.0.v200802051830) "Ecore to Ecore Mapping" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore2ecore.editor (2.3.0.v200802051830) "Ecore to Ecore Mapping Editor" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore2xml (2.3.0.v200802051830) "Ecore to XML Mapping" [Starting] org.mapping.ecore2(2.3.0.v200802051830) "Ecore to XML Mapping UI" [Starting] org.(2.3.0.v200802051830) "EMF Mapping UI" [Starting] org.eclipse.(1.0.1. R33x_v20070709) "Eclipse Jobs Mechanism" [Active] (1.0.1.r33x_20070709) "Internet Connection Management" [Active] org.resources (3.3.1.

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R33x_v20071002-2100) "Java Compiler Apt IDE" [Starting] org.(3.3.1.

R33x_v20071112-2330) "Java Annotation Processing Core" [Starting] org.apt.(1.0.1.

M20080207-0800) "Eclipse IDE UI" [Active] org.ide.application (1.0.0.

M20071128-0800) "Eclipse UI" [Active] org.browser (3.2.100.v20070524A) "Browser Support" [Starting] org.cheatsheets (3.3.1.v20080125_33x) "Cheat Sheets" [Starting] org.console (3.2.2.v20071031_r332) "Console" [Active] org.editors (3.3.2.r332_20080109-0800) "Default Text Editor" [Active] org.externaltools (3.1.200.v20070416) "External Tools" [Active] org.forms (3.3.0.v20070511) "Eclipse Forms" [Active] org.ide (3.3.2.

M20070913-1400) "Eclipse Workbench User Guide" [Starting] org.(3.2.1.r33x_r20080131) "Eclipse RCP" [Starting] (3.3.1.r331_v20070831-0800) "Search Support" [Active] org.(3.3.2.v3349d) "Standard Widget Toolkit" [Resolved] org.win32.win32.x86 (3.3.3.v3349) "Standard Widget Toolkit for Windows" [Resolved] org.core (3.3.1.r33x_20080128) "Team Support Core" [Active] org.(3.3.2.r33x_20080128) "CVS Team Provider Core" [Active] org.(3.2.100.

R33x_v20080105) "OSGi System Bundle" [Active] (3.1.200.v20070605) "OSGi Release 4.0.1 Services" [Resolved] org.util (3.1.200.v20070605) "OSGi Release 4.0.1 Utility Classes" [Resolved] org.(3.3.1.r33x_r20080129) "Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment" [Active] (3.3.2.v20071019) "Plug-in Development Environment Build Support" [Active] org.core (3.3.2.v20071121-0800) "Plug-in Development Core" [Active] org.(3.3.0.v20070614-0800) "Eclipse Plug-in Development User Guide" [Resolved] org.junit.runtime (3.3.0.v20070608-1300) "PDE JUnit Plug-in Test" [Resolved] org.runtime (3.3.0.v20070608-1300) "Plug-in Development Environment Runtime" [Active] org.source (3.3.3.r33x_r20080129-7N7M5DQVIA_6o Js EFk EL) "Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment Developer Resources" [Resolved] org.ui (3.3.1.v20070912-0800) "Plug-in Development UI" [Active] org.ui.templates (3.3.0.v20070608-1300) "PDE Templates" [Starting] org.eclipse.platform (3.3.3.r33x_r20080129) "Eclipse Platform" [Starting] org.eclipse.user (3.3.0.

M20080207-0800) "Workbench" [Active] org.workbench.compatibility (3.2.0. I20070319-0010) "Workbench Compatibility" [Resolved] org.workbench.texteditor (3.3.2.r332_20080109-0800) "Text Editor Framework" [Active] org.eclipse.update.configurator (3.2.101.

I20070319-0010) "Eclipse UI Win32 Enhancements" [Resolved] org.workbench (3.3.2.

I20070426) "JSch Core" [Active] org.ui (1.0.1.r33x_20070709) "JSch UI" [Starting] org.(1.0.2.v200706120315) "J2EE Standard Tools (JST)" [Resolved] org.common.annotations.controller (1.1.2.v200708301745) "Annotation Controller Plug-in" [Resolved] org.common.(1.1.2.v200706120315) "Annotation Core Plug-in" [Resolved] org.common.(1.1.2.v200706120315) "Annotations UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.common.frameworks (1.1.102.v200709122200) "Integration Plug-in" [Starting] org.common.project.(1.1.1.v200706120315) "Project Facet Core (Java Support)" [Starting] org.user (1.0.300.v200705302225) "EJB docs" [Starting] org.(1.1.102.v200709122200) "WTP EJB UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2ee (1.1.106.v200802192030) "J2EE Component" [Starting] org.j2(1.1.104.v200802192030) "J2EE Core Component" [Starting] org.j2user (1.0.300.v200705302225) "J2EE tools documentation" [Resolved] org.j2(1.1.105.v200802192030) "EJB component Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2annotation.model (1.1.2.v200706120315) "EJB Annotation Model Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2annotations.emitter (1.1.2.v200708301745) "EJB Emitter Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2(1.1.2.v200706191638) "EJB Annotations Ui Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2annotations.xdoclet (1.1.3.v200802201934) "Xdoclet Annotations Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2ee.infopop (1.0.203.v200706110217) "J2EE tools infopops" [Resolved] org.j2(1.1.105.v200802192030) "JCA Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2ui (1.1.100.v200706071630) "WTP JCA UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2ee.(1.1.102.v200709122200) "J2EE Extensions to Common Navigator" [Starting] org.j2(1.1.103.v200802192030) "WTP J2EE UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2(1.1.105.v200802192030) "Web Plug-in" [Starting] org.j2ee.webservice (1.1.102.v200802192030) "Web Service Plug-in" [Active] org.j2ee.(1.1.103.v200802192030) "WTP Webservice UI Plug-in" [Active] org.j2ee.xdoclet.runtime (1.1.2.v200706120315) "XDoclet Runtime Plug-in" [Starting] org.jee (1.0.2.v200802192030) "JEE common Plug-in" [Starting] org.(1.0.2.v200802192030) "JEE Ejb Plug-in" [Starting] org.(1.0.2.v200802192030) "Ui Plug-in" [Starting] org.(1.0.2.v200802192030) "JEE Web Plug-in" [Starting] org.jsf.common (1.0.2.v200802201120) "Java Server Faces Tools - Common" [Starting] org.jsf.(1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Common UI" [Starting] org.(1.0.2.v200802201120) "Java Server Faces Tools - Core" [Active] org.user (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - User Guide" [Starting] org.jsf.facesconfig (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Faces Config Model" [Starting] org.jsf.(1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Faces Config Editor" [Starting] org.jsf.standard.tagsupport (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Taglibrary Metadata" [Starting] org.(1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - UI" [Starting] org.(1.2.1.v200709181730) "Structured Source JSP Model" [Starting] org.(1.1.201.v200709061102) "SSE JSP Source Editor" [Starting] org.infopop (1.0.3.v200706110217) "JSP tools infopops" [Resolved] org.pagedesigner (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Web Page Editor" [Starting] org.ui (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - Pagedesigner UI" [Starting] org.core (1.0.1.v20070912) "Java Server Faces Tools - JSP Core Pagedesigner" [Starting] org.(1.0.205.v20070829b) "Java Server Support" [Starting] org.server.(1.0.205.v200709061325) "Generic Server Plugin" [Starting] org.server.generic.jboss (1.5.105.v200709061325) "JBoss Generic server definitions" [Starting] org.server.generic.jonas (1.5.105.v200709061325) "JOn AS Generic Server definitions" [Starting] org.server.generic.oc4j (1.5.105.v200709061325) "Oracle OC4J v10.1.3 DP4 Generic Server Definition Core Plug-in" [Starting] org.server.(1.0.205.v200709061325) "Generic Server Plugin UI" [Starting] org.server.installable (1.5.102.v20070608) "Installable server adapters" [Resolved] org.server.preview.adapter (1.0.2.v20071017b) "JEE Preview Server Support" [Starting] org.server.(1.1.2.v20071023) "Apache Tomcat Support" [Starting] org.server.(1.1.0.v200705302225) "Apache Tomcat UI Support" [Starting] org.(1.0.203.v200705302225) "Java Server UI Support" [Starting] org.(1.0.301.v200708161939) "Server Tools documentation for J2EE Standard Tools" [Starting] org.infopop (1.0.3.v200706110217) "Server Tools infopops for J2EE Standard Tools" [Resolved] org.server.(1.0.201.v20070608) "Web Sphere Generic Server Definition Core Plug-in" [Starting] org.(1.1.103.v200802192030) "WTP Servlet UI Plug-in" [Starting] org.infopop (1.0.202.v200706110217) "Servlet infopop" [Starting] org.standard.schemas (1.0.0.v200706221355) "JEE Related Schemas" [Resolved] (1.0.205.v200801222138) "Web Services" [Starting] org.(1.0.204.v200708151945) "Web service Axis Consumption Core" [Starting] org.(1.0.204.v200801222138) "Webservice Axis Consumption UI" [Starting] org.(1.0.206.v200711281741) "Webservice Axis Creation UI" [Starting] org.infopop (1.0.203.v200708222303) "Web services Axis context sensitive help" [Starting] org.user (1.0.300.v200706111751) "Axis Web services documentation" [Resolved] "Webservice Axis2 Consumption Core Plug-in" [Starting] "Webservice Axis2 Consumption UI Plug-in" [Starting] "Webservice Axis2 Core Plug-in" [Starting] "Webservice Axis2 Creation Core Plug-in" [Starting] "Webservice Axis2 Creation UI Plug-in" [Starting] "Webservice Axis2 UI Plug-in" [Starting] (1.0.205.v200711222108) "Web Services Consumption" [Starting] (1.0.203.v200706110217) "Web services UI" [Resolved] "Web Services Consumption Graphical User Interface" [Starting] "Web service consumption documentation" [Starting] (1.0.100.v200706030600) "Web Services Creation EJB Graphical User Interface" [Resolved] "Web Services Creation Graphical User Interface" [Starting] org.user (1.0.300.v200705302225) "Web Services UI" [Resolved] (1.0.203.v200709190403) "Web services UI" [Resolved] (1.0.200.v200705311743) "Web Services Universal Description Discovery and Integration Registry" [Starting] org.(1.0.202.v200708202218) "Web Services Graphical User Interface" [Starting] org.core.refactoring (3.3.1.r332_20080128) "Refactoring Core" [Starting] org.ui.refactoring (3.3.1.r332_20080128) "Refactoring UI" [Starting] org.eclipse.mylyn (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn" [Starting] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Bugzilla Connector Core" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Bugzilla Connector IDE" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Bugzilla Connector UI" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.compatibility (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Java 5 Compatibility Checker" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Context Core" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Context UI" [Active] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Help" [Starting] org.eclipse.ant (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Ant UI Plug-in" [Active] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn IDE UI" [Active] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Java" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Monitor Core" [Resolved] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Monitor UI" [Active] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn PDE UI Plug-in" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Resources UI" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Tasks Core" [Active] org.eclipse.mylyn.(2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Tasks UI" [Active] org.eclipse.cvs (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Team CVS Plug-in" [Resolved] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Team UI" [Active] org.eclipse.core (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Web Core Plug-in" [Active] org.eclipse.ui (2.1.0.v20070927-0900) "Mylyn Web UI" [Starting] org.(3.3.2.

M20080207-0800) "JFace" [Active] org.eclipse.jface.databinding (1.1.1. M20080207-0800) "JFace Data Binding for SWT and JFace" [Resolved] org.eclipse.(3.3.2.r332_20071017-0800) "JFace Text" [Resolved] org.core (1.0.2.v200802140100) "Java Persistence API Tools - Core" [Starting] org.db (1.0.2.v200802140100) "Java Persistence API Tools - DB" [Starting] org.(1.0.0.v200705300001) "Java Persistence API Tools - DB UI" [Resolved] org.(1.0.1.v200709120000) "Java Persistence Documentation - Doc" [Starting] org.gen (1.0.2.v200802140100) "Java Persistence API Tools - Entity Gen" [Resolved] org.ui (1.0.2.v200802140100) "Java Persistence API Tools - UI" [Starting] org.utility (1.0.2.v200802140100) "Java Persistence API Tools - Utility" [Resolved] org.core (1.0.0.

R33x_v20070816) "Jetty Http Service" [Starting] org.eclipse.registry (1.0.1.


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