Erykah badu dating how to chat grl

Her classic track "On and On" was a hit right around the time that she was dating Andre 3000, and Drizzy could lend something special to a remake or sample of the song.

Drake recently took Rolling Stone inside his sprawling California compound, complete with a waterfall, movie theater, mechanical bull and a switch-operated bookshelf, which opens up and leads into his bedroom.

Remember that time Drake admitted to having an Andre 3000 shrine in his apartment? " Badu isn't the type to kiss and tell, but she likely let a few details slip just to satiate Drake's thirst. Dot to perform his GKMC single "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" at the BET Awards last year, and after the set, they walked offstage holding hands.

It wasn't that easy to shake the image, and since Erykah Badu has gotten as close to Three Stacks as anyone could (they have a son together), the YMCMB rapper probably couldn't help asking a few questions about him: "What kinda cologne does Andre wear? The image definitely made the rounds on social media, and with the whole uproar over Kendrick's "Control" verse, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that his name came up in their conversation.

You gotta live your life naturally and just allow your relationship to be what it is.

You gotta be strong within your family home first with your relationship. If you decide you gon’ do an article and talk about love, cool.

Hov flexed a bit, responding to Drake's art rap criticisms and noting that he owns the masters of all his recordings, which Drake definitely does not.

Erykah's been in the business long enough to know that getting gently prodded by Hov on a song is good news.I’m liking somebody else.’ That was my first love and my first heartbreak. On his relationship with Serena Williams: “I enjoy a woman who is thick and likes to cook and is strong and intelligent, still God-loving but knows how to have fun and talk slick. She embodies that, everything that I just named in Ghetto Dreams and just being a strong, beautiful human being.It taught me a lot of things, and when it happened I kinda really got into myself and really learned about myself and I was able to move on, and now me and E is real cool.” Badu and Common dated from 2000 to 2002, after she’d dated rapper Andre 3000 and had a son with him in 1997. We’re just friends now but I love her.” In terms of what the media has seen, Serena has dated less publicly (or maybe she’s just really good at keeping her love life private).Healthy competition isn't a bad thing, but Badu might've advised Drake to take the high road and not turn this one into a battle royale.Drake is an Aaliyah aficionado, and he's expressed interest in working with Sade, so it wouldn't be far-fetched to think that there might be an Erykah Badu collaboration in his upcoming music."She said, when that sh-- is real, you just know." So, they chatted about love and maybe his longing for Rihanna, but there must've been more to it.


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