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With the development of trade and navigation, the colonies of the Europeans began to spread out.

Daring explorers penetrated and crossed Africa from all directions. The Europeans developed commercial and political interests which the mother countries encouraged in the newly opened lands.

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The detachment of Major Mac Donald was supposed to advance from the south, from Uganda, toward a rendezvous with him, to take the whole upper course of the Nile, the course of the River Juba and the mouth of the River Omo emptying into Lake Rudolf.

To thwart the plans of her opponent, France, in turn, equipped several expeditions which were supposed to cut off the path of the English, hoisting the French flag on the banks of the Nile.

Bringing this preface to a close, I consider it my duty to thank the Chief of the Military Printing Office Lieutenant-General Otto von Stubendorf, the Chief of the Geodesic Office Major-General Iliodor Ivanovich Pomerantsev, the Chief of the Cartographic Department Major-General Andrey Alexandrovich Bolshov, and Colonel of His Majesty's Life-Guard Hussar Regiment Sergei Dmitrievich Molchanov.

Owing to their enlightened cooperation and valuable advice, I was able to bring the present work to a satisfactory conclusion.

I made my first trip to Ethiopia with the Medical Detachment of the Russian Red Cross, ordered to the theater of the Italo-Abyssinian military actions in 1896.

At the end of 1896, the Detachment returned to Russia, but I undertook an independent expedition to the western regions of Ethiopia.

An eye-witness account of the end of an era, 1896-98 consisting of two books by Alexander Bulatovich: Part I: From Entotto to the River Baro (1897) Part II: With the Armies of Menelik II (1900) Copyright 1993 by Richard Seltzer With four diagrams, three maps, and 78 photographs by the author and Lieutenant Davydov; Saint Petersburg, "Artistic Press" Publishing House, 28 Angliyskiy St., 1900, 271 pages Published with permission of the Military Science Committee of the Chief of Staff. R."Science" Publishing House Chief Editorial Staff of Oriental Literature Moscow 1971.

Reissued in 1971 as part of the volume With the Armies of Menelik II, edited by I. Katsnelson of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the U. Translated by Richard Seltzer Translation copyright 1993 Richard Seltzer [Numbers refer to footnotes which are found at the end of this document.] This book is the journal of my second expedition to the interior of Africa in 1897-98.

I want to express my deep and respectful gratitude for their help.

March 20 [old style],5 April 2 [new style], 1899, the Black Sea, aboard the Steamship "Tambov" At the end of 1897 and the beginning of 1898, events were in the making in Africa which were destined to be of the greatest importance for its future.

In view of my knowledge of the Abyssinian language and my familiarity with travel conditions in that country, the choice of courier fell on me. Petersburg accompanied by Private of His Majesty's Hussar Guard Regiment Zelepukin; and on October 5, I arrived in Addis Ababa at the court of the Emperor.

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