Eva longoria and tony parker dating

She wanted to have a conversation and find out what happened, how or why he would have done this to her. Partners don’t find what they’re looking for in one another any longer, they split. Instead of addressing the issue head on and talking about it with his wife, perhaps rekindling whatever romance was dying, he chose to turn to another woman instead. The divorce was finalized in January 2011 and both of them moved on. When she opened up about her divorce, she spoke about how she received compliments for being as slender as she was at the time.

Since then both of them have moved on romantically.

Eva Longoria had previously been married to television actor Tyler Christopher for two years from 2002 to 2004.

Before hooking up with Tony Parker, in 2004, Eva had an allegedly torrid affair with actor JC Chasez.

In 2005, while still married, there was a rumour about an affair between Eva Longoria and movie actor, Hayden Christensen, which was then later refuted by Hayden.

But whatever the reason, they were engaged by the end of November in 2006. Tony is a French citizen, even though he was born in Belgium.

The civil ceremony had been officiated by the mayor of Paris himself and the couple had only about 40 guests, which is modest by Hollywood standards.

She didn’t think she was depressed, but had to admit that she wasn’t feeling right and a divorce like hers, given the circumstances, would leave anyone depressed.

Eventually she went on a sugar-free diet and decided to get back to eating properly.

If Hollywood actresses don’t get married inside the industry, they seem to marry athletes instead.

Eva Longoria met and started dating Tony Parker in 2004.

Eva very steadfastly stood by his side and Tony even filed a suit against the website that first purported the allegations.

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