Exo d o and sojin anecdotes

I went crazy I tried looking for them but they left a while after I found out.

One time Kyungri retweeted a pic i drew of her (´∀`)♡I went to Knotts Berry Farm once with my school choir and Su Ju happened to be there...

facebook and whatsapp contact of horny south african sugar mama - Exo d o and sojin anecdotes

I'll say T-ara because they're extremely catchy and fun16.

A Gentleman's Dignity, not the best drama ever but I liked it a lot.

Which group would you prefer to be classmates with in real life? Which group would you prefer to be drinking buddies with in real life?

I like a lot but I think I laughed the hardest during Teen Top's random play dance37.

Bap, Exo, Beast, Boyfriend, Mblaq Group 1 - BAP 41.

currently growl by exo but fiction by beast is amazing39. running man 155 but if you are talking american then csi:ny40.

something by bi rain or se7en [orz horrible memories] 4.

my bias is first but i would not pass them up for food if im starving well maybe a little7.

EXO, Chinese-South Korean boy band consisting of two sub-groups EXO-M and EXO-K, is again making some noise as there are rumors spreading lately that there's another EXO member leaving, plus another that is dragged in a dating scandal.

600-Year-Old Historic County Being Revived Begins to Take Shape Ancient Taiyuan County, which dates back to Ming Dynasty (A. 1368-1644), begins to take shape with efforts to restore relics to what they were like around 600 years ago.

MAMA mv was finally released and it was everywhere on tumblr64.


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