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American Club of Lisbon An American Club in Portugal's capital, Lisbon.Address: Rua Latino Coelho, 1, 1069-025 LISBOA Tel: 351 21 352 93 08 Fax: 351 21 352 93 09 E-mail: [email protected] (Portuguese): Community Council Lisbon The British Community Council of Lisbon brings together English speaking people from many walks of life to enjoy a wide variety of social, sporting and cultural events and helps support many charitable organizations.da Liberdade, n.º 180 A, 7 1250-146 Lisbon Tel: 808 50 20 50 Website (Portuguese): Other countries will have to apply for a Schengen visa in a Portuguese embassy or consulate.

from Index=1&id_Linha=4371 Expats intending to stay in Portugal for an extended period will have to obtain a Residency permit from the Portuguese Immigration Service.

There are two types of residency permits: Portugal has a broad range of choices in accommodations, from short term to long term rentals, which would suit any particular expat requirements. Rental prices are steep, especially in the summer months.

Whereas academic excellence stems not only from the gifts of nature, but also the experiences that nurture that individual to the best of their capabilities, VVIS firmly believes that the boundaries of knowledge are ever shifting.

Being in the wake of a technological and new media revolution, leading schools have had to embrace the fast flow of information that has helped shape a new outlook on education and broadened teaching methods.

Conditions apply for example the bilateral agreements between Portugal and the issuing country.

The IMTT has created a web portal for expats to check if their licenses can be exchanged: pt/cartasconducao/If a license cannot be exchange,expats will have to enroll at a driving school to obtain a Portuguese license.

Email: [email protected] (Portuguese): Women in Portugal (IWP) While English is the language used by our club for its day-to-day communications and business, over 30 different nationalities are represented within the membership which now numbers around 300!

Address: Apartado 6, 2751-901 Cascais Tel: 915 552 847 Email: [email protected] (Portuguese): Accueil French-speaking expat club. Tel: 967 464 136 Email: [email protected] (Portuguese): Royal British Club Lisbon An international business and social club serving the business and social needs of its members in Portugal. PORTUGAL Tel: 351 Email: [email protected] (Portuguese): School of Algarve International School of the Algarve was established in 1972 by a group of local residents led by Paul and Eva Schelfhout to provide an education for the growing Portuguese and International community in the Algarve.

Thereafter a modified English National Curriculum is taught.

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