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For example, you might call a group for keen tennis players The Tennis Mastery Community. Another benefit of a closed group is that it will also discourage trolls from spamming it.

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Despite what its name implies, Teen Dating 17 100 is a dangerous digital space for an adult to find themselves, let alone a child or a teen.

This group is just one of the popular communities of “Teen Dating” networks that are on Facebook, and parents need to take notice.

For example, the description for my Facebook group includes a link back to my blog so readers know they’re in the right place, and my vision of the purpose the group will serve: Choose the right keywords.

Your group is searchable in Facebook through keywords, which you can set when you start your group.

You couldn’t wait to leave because, even if they were beautiful places with a lot to offer, they were missing something – at least for you.

Conversely, you’ve probably been to cities or towns that felt cold to you.Even if your page has thousands of fans, only a few hundred may see each update.So trying to build a community through your blog’s Facebook page becomes either exhausting or expensive. The same feature you’ve used to share family photos or organize a party can be used to build a strong community for your blog. When I’ve helped my coaching clients set up Facebook groups around their blogs, a question that inevitably comes up is whether the groups should be focused specifically around their blogs, or around the wider subject matter they cover (often having to do with a goal or goals held by members of the prospective community).Make your description as detailed as possible so users who happen upon your group outside of your blog know whether they’ve found their people.(Even though the group is closed, its existence will still be publicly visible – only the conversation inside it won’t be.) Include what the group is about and why it exists.Here’s a screenshot of the welcome message for my group: After it’s up and running, you need to get people in your group.


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